• Money? Shouldn't it be down to how you feel?
  • No amount. My happiness cannot be bought.
  • My forgiveness isn't for sale, and thus, cannot be purchased. +5
  • he d have to be a billionair
  • If I got hundreds of millions and wasn't expected to be loyal or have sex that person I might be like whatever expect no loyalty then I give no loyalty
  • If someone cheated on me repeatedly, I would get rid of that person for free, so ANY amount of money you pay me would be a welcome plus! Once you have given me this steady income, I would stay with the person but just ignore her and go about my life with other people, paying no attention to what this person thinks about it!
  • All he had, keithold. +5
  • I think it would depend on the situation. If I weren't in love with the person, but were with them for some other reason (ie, we had children together and that was the sole reason for us being married) I would probably care very little where he got his rocks off - so long as it didn't disrupt things at home and we had an understanding about the situation. If I were in love with him, and there was an understanding about monogamy, I wouldn't stay with someone who violated and misused my trust so.
  • None. I would only leave if I desired too.
  • I'm not for sale, you can't buy me.
  • None. As long as we're still sleeping together its fine. Because I'll be cheating on her at the same time.
  • Thats kinda a cute question, i don't know ask the movie stars, they should know the answer to this one pretty well by now :).
  • no amount of money in the world makes it worth staying with that scum bag!
  • I do not think that some one has enough money. I am super emotional and it would crush so much that my life would would be so miserable that I would have to leave.
  • the us deficit - trillions of dollars and he has to promise, legally that he will never cheat again. nothing less. this way if he does cheat again you could hire the best lawyer and problem solved.
  • I'll take as much as they as they're willing to give me as long I know I can have just as many women as she has!!! Why only have ONE person cheat..WE CAN BOTH BE CHEATERS!!!
  • Stay with'd cost much. Sex with him......not a chance!!
  • No amount. After the initial shock and the subsiquent mourning over the loss of a relationship that meant more to me than it did to them, I start hating them more every time I lay eyes on them. I am a forgiving person, but that's where I draw the line. I have never once stayed with someone who has cheated on me, and that includes failed attempts. I value myself too highly for that.
  • Five million. It would be signed off as mine and he could not touch it. There would be an agreement written up stating that in no way do I have to have sex with him, sleep in the same room as him, cook for him, clean for him or wash his dirty underwear. I will agree to two nights out a week, he pays. I will also be free to meet, talk to and have sex with anyone I choose.
  • There would be no amount of money that could balance the danger he brought into our bed. While pregnant, he had sex with at least 3 other women and all the other men they were with, endangering my life and the lives of our children. How can any sane person put a price on that. As I wrote to another question about what Mr. Woods should do now?....what ever Mrs. Woods wants. No questions, no pouting, no anger, nothing. Always with a smile and a positive attitude.
  • I couldn't do it at any price; that would be too humiliating.

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