• Yes I do. It takes a very special person to think of others happiness first.
  • No!! And that is IMO why the divorce rate is so high.
  • Yes. +5
  • Of begins at home. +5
  • Generalizations are always kinda tricky but here's one....if you are a parent, you will always put your child's happiness first. If you don't have kids, I think you are more apt to put yourself first. Of course there are exceptions to that generalization but I feel comfortable with it nevertheless! :)
  • I believe they do. If we would think of other people's needs before our's this world would be better off.
  • The system forces us to think that way :(
  • If you're lucky you may be included in their fantasy come true.
  • Yes, most people probably put themselves first. If it weren't for some degree of selfishness though we'd probably be dead!
  • Yes, and this is why so many people are dissatisfied with their lives. I think alot of people forget that happiness is a choice and not just a feeling you express due to the circumstances in your life. Selfish people are NEVER happy and it's their fault, but they can't get themselves off their minds long enough to notice other people. You just can't expect to get something you're not willing to give away, first.
  • well not all people..some people are nice enough to think of others first.. mny sister however is that way she thinks as logn as its a good thing for her she doesnt give a shit abotu what happens to other people... wich reminded me a bit of the people who rule africa.. selling the water so they get money but letting their people starve to death...but not caring cuz they get money out of it.
  • Considering how much really happy people there actually are? Nah.
  • Most people probably think of their happiness first and I am one of them :) If you are not happy you can't make the people around you happy!!and it's useless pretending happiness because the truth would soon shows up! So it would be better to make ourselves happy because no one will do it!!

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