• i got one at 15, but became more responsible wit it at 16. id say 16. Anyways thats about the time kids start driving by themselves. Now give a 10 year old (little bro) a cell, you should expect it to get lost and never found again. My little bro is 12 and just found it again. Still loses it.
  • I got one when I was 10, just because I started to want to come home from school with my friends and my parents wanted to make sure they always had a way to reach me.
  • But I think 10 is much too young! I think a good age is about 16
  • I got one when i went to comprehensive school (11) as i was going to be walking home alone and stuff, I hardly eer used it though. I would say, considering how cheap pay as you go mobiles are now anyway, when you get to the point you want to be out without parents, then that is probably the right time.
  • I think when your child starts going out, and walking places on there own. Many times when i was younger, my cell phone i believe saved my life. It's better to be safe and pay the money every month then be sorry...
  • whenever you want one

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