• In the United States, it is illegal to abort after 26 weeks. If you are past the 26 week point, my best suggestion is to give the baby up for adoption, since it appears that you are not interested in having the child, which is, of course, your choice. Maybe try a google search regarding adoption, or find a Planned Parenthood near you. They may have some information and reliable sources to help you out. Take care, and I hope this helps!
  • I dont know about where your at but i always thought 20 weeks is the limit & past that a licenced doctor could not do it or else. There is nothing you can say to get them to do it if they follow the law. I hope all turns out well for you. :)
  • Abortion post 26 weeks is illegal except under one circumstance. You must be able to prove that having a child would be a drastic risk to your health (almost certain death)do you have some condition IE: Hemophilia that would make having a child much more dangerous for you. I was adopted though, and I have had a great adoption is definitely option A
  • You can't. Just have the baby and put it up for adoption.
  • It would depend on the county you live in.Some allow abortions well into the third trimester.
  • In most states in the US a third trimester abortion is illegal. It has absolutely nothing to do with what "you" say, there are no responsible doctors who will do it. The baby is viable at that stage, and must be carried to term.
  • In most states (if not all) third trimester abortions are not legal. It has to be a clear cut case of medically verified life endangerment and even then there is not any guarantee. As the baby at this point (24 weeks for sake of conversation though it varies from state to state) is almost completely developed it is considered to be "post viability" a viable human and as such has rights and is protected under the law, as I re call. If the child is not wanted then the best and humane option at this time is to put the child up for adoption. Added in Edit: In some states a woman cannot get a late term abortion unless a clear medical or mental reason exists, it is dependent on the states current standing and rulings of such. So at the very least a woman better be pretty darn sure of how her state stands on the subject when she seeks a late term abortion or she could find herself in trouble. BTW I am pro choice.
  • Generally, abortions are illegal in the third trimester. If you have a severe health issue which would make birth dangerous for you, this is obviously an exception. - You might want to think about adoption though, if you don't want the baby. It's too late to abort.
  • It's actually pretty easy if you pick the right state. If you're on the east coast, any state from Maryland up through Maine is good. If you're on the left coast, you can get it done in any state. California's easiest, though. See the list. What to say? Tell them you will suffer (wink-wink) "mental distress" if you have a baby. You'll need to pay more but it's done all the time. It won't hurt to cry.
  • You asked the question so give us some facts on which we can base our answers: 1. Your age? (For medical reasons.) 2. Are you having any type of life threatening medical problems related to carrying your baby? 3. Is ANYONE pressuring you to HAVE or NOT HAVE an abortion? 4. Have you considered contacting an Adoption agency? 5. Since your delivery date is so close, what has changed to make you ask this question NOW? 6. Are you in any financial difficulty? I confess to feeling VERY uncomfortable asking you these questions. I'm sure you you must feel the same being asked. SO, HERE IS MOST THE IMPORTANT QUESTION... 7. Is there ANYONE near you who you respect, feel you can trust, has NO vested interest (other than kind concern) and has the maturity and life experience to answer your questions honestly? If the answer to question (7.) is yes, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND CONTACT THAT PERSON NOW!
  • You should look up what they do in a third trimester abortion. Basically they deliver the baby breach and while its head is still inside, insert a closed pair of scissors into the base of the skull then stretch them wide. Then, just to make sure the baby is really dead, they use a suction tube to remove the baby's brain. How do you feel about that?
  • No, just stop by Planned Parenthood. They'll tell you how it can be done.
  • If this is a real question...that is a real situation...I wish you would consider just letting the baby be born and give it up for adoption. I'm not pro-life.... I'm not keen on abortions as birth control, but I AM PRO-CHOICE. I think each woman has to make her own choices and live with them. But, this baby is so close to being born, I know it has developed enough to PHYSICALLY FEEL PAIN...and so I can't support killing this point I do feel like it is murder. You're almost finished with this whole you really want to terminate it NOW? There is no telling who this baby could grow up to be...he or she might do some pretty wonderful things for humanity when they grow up...if you can just hang on and let them be born...then let them go to someone who will nurture and love much as you would have, if things had been different for you.... You can do is a very short time in your whole life...and I think the pain you will feel might be a lot worse if you abort now, and it will stay with hang tough...and see it through...don't put yourself in that other position and have to deal with the guilt that will come... You don't have to feel guilty for giving life and seeing the little one on their way to having a learn from your mistakes and know you did a wonderful thing when it got really hard, and scary. Feeling scared and overwhelmed and wanting out, doesn't make you a bad person at all...but seeing it though to let a baby that has developed this close to being born...makes you a wonderful human being who can meet other tough or scary challenges and do well...for the rest of your life. There are lots of loving AB members who will give you time to vent, to cry and to are not totally alone, unless you want to be.
  • Go to Canada. There's no legal limit on abortion there. Planned Pregnancy can tell you where to go and what to do even if you're near the end.
  • Yeah, contact Planned Parenthood. They'll find a way for you to kill your baby.

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