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  • Well my friend. I sure do. haha yes men seem to enjoy them. But thats only if they are wet from being horny. not from like pissing yourself or anyof that. Haha. Well the only way to find that answer is checking it out yourself. if my advise helped than im sure you will be all good.
  • this is silly of course guys like it wet dry would feel like sand paper,
  • that is an easy question to answer it really depends of if the guys is even attracted to women sexually in the first place, if he is than its a definate yes, if not than its likely he wont be turned on by the idea that a woman is turned on.
  • piss ball Pete had 40 lbs. of swing meat went over the hill to Sand paper sally's house and piss ball Pete come back with 40 lbs.of shredded meat. hope this answered your question

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