• Two of the supermarket tabloids had stories about Tiger and other women. tiger's wife wouldn;t stop questioning him, it turned into a terrible argument and he stormed out, blinded by the injustice of it all. He's innocent, this guy is is so straight that he has to stand on on a ladder to get his pants on.
  • His woman got pissed that he cheated and went after his ass.
  • A hole in two ... ;))
  • I think they got in a fight and she broke the wikndow with the club and they covered it up.
  • I don't think he cheated. I think there was an argument and she wouldn't accept his honest protestations of innocence. He put his foot on down to the floor on the gas pedal. The Escalade reacted and the rest is in the papers.
  • I don't it's really anyone's business. I think it's pathetic that it's been front page news for two days now.

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