• Religion is a mixed bag - some aspects of it is quite good - others are horrible. Frankly I think humanity would be better off with out it.
  • A world without faith or morality? What a terrible thought.
  • No better, no worse. It's all the same shit to a different rhythm.
  • Yea it would in my opinion, religion causes too many wars and arguments. (watch this space)
  • No, because then every being would be a religion unto itself.
  • no, i don't think so. i am atheist but i still think religion is important. it does serve as a moral compass for some. it was a big part of some major wars, sure, but you could consider it a way of keeping the earths population in check. i think a fear of a powerful, sentient, unknown is also helpful. think of the consequences of science and logical thinking running amok unchecked. seriously now. advances in technology tend *not* to be for the good of mankind. they tend to move two fields forward: war technology and porn. sometimes, we need a little fear of god or an equivalent in us. "but a lot of wars are because of religon" you say? if we didn't have religion as a 'scapegoat' reason ... we'd may be forced to admit the truth for some of our bad behavior. what might those truths include? money? power? land? resources? these are better reasons to kill over? do you think that truths would result in us working to find peace faster? or would grease the wheels to our end? call me a cynic but.. i think without religion, we would've blown ourselves up a long time ago.
  • I do believe the world would have been a lot better today if only one particular religion was never founded and took off. But for this one religion all other religions, including those that do not believe in God, and rationalism have contributed to the making of the world a finer place for humanity. Now don't ask me to name that particular religion. I have had enough downrates on this topic.
  • Not really. There are many people who are neither spiritually advanced nor materially farsighted enough to see the problems with selfish self-centeredness. These people would be a very great destructive force in the world without religion to control them. Religion may not be a great thing, but it is necessary for mankind in general.
  • No offense but I would be better without this same question over and over. The world could not exist without some sort of ordered worship of the Beyond and God.
  • Of course not. People will always find reasons to hate each other or want to rip each other off. It has been so since time immemorial. People would be even grubbier than they are without religion and some belief in a moral law or higher power. The grubbiest among us will always use religion to justify their pet hatreds. That is not the fault of religion or those who truly believe.
  • I am not a believer...but I do beleive religious values hold a strong binding to our society. Our country was founded on religious values, you can see the difference in society now that the religious values have died down a bit.
  • We always find a way to divide ourselves so if it's not religion,its politics,its gender,appendages,weight, height,skin color,intelligence,money and the list goes on. Most people live with intolerant views of others . We never get over that negative. Short answer NO.
  • As an atheist, I believe the world would be much worse off without religion. . Religions have given us moral codes which have been much more widely accepted than they would be if we had to try and agree amongst ourselves, . I beleive people who truly are strong in their faith, are much happier than those of us who are nto. They can beleive that everything is happening for a reason, believe God is looking out for them and will help... . Religion has also been used to excuse much evil, but if some use religion as an excuse to further their own agendas, that is not the fault of the religion.
  • We can never know for sure Jay. We accountants do what is called a "T Square" listing debits and credits to come to a conclusion. Do the same thing with religion and there are too many unknowns. On the one hand some charitable organizations have done good. On the other hand too many "true believers" use their religion to hammer/destroy others who disagree with them. My guess? Yes. Better off without. But that's just my guess! :(
  • Hmmmmm. Perhaps. Mikelbf2000, I appreciate your rancour.
  • I tend to think it would. The religionists people I know of every kind are completely immoral hypocrites. All Humans are basically more the same than different. If G-d exist he sees all your actions outside of your place of worship. Why would G-d care how you worship? I think he she it would be more concerned about how you treat your fellow Human beings. It is unlikely that one religion has more right than all the others. They are all interpreted by Human Kind. We are better off believing in an inclusive religion that includes all Human Kind. Too bad we can not start one.

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