• I was never really in shape! But i've spent the last 9 months trying to get there. Its gona take a while longer!
  • After several years of not lifting any weights and smoking, it took well over a year. I only lift twice a week but I jog a mile once a week also. I'm not looking to bulk up, I just want to maintain some muscle tone.
  • Didnt have a shape to get back into! Or Is squidgy a shape? If we were meant to exersise, Chocolate would be kept on the floor.
  • I've always been in a fairly good shape, so it's always a questions of losing 5-8 lbs to get to my ideal weight. For me it usually takes 1-2 weeks of running everyday. I just started this blog about running trails in the Bay Area for people that look for outdoor workouts. it's Hope this was helpful. Emmanuel Matityahu
  • Probably about a year after the knee surgery to start walking normally again. Then about a year after that to get back to what I think I should be.

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