• I think it is generally supposed to be the amount of money you earn in two months time from your job.
  • A survey was done and the results were that the average amount spent on an engagement ring was $3,867.55US. Seems a but excessive if you ask me.
  • Probably a reasonable amount since it would be nice and proper to get a good one. +5
  • My husband got one on sale for $500. I suppose if you look at the statistics, that sounds cheap but I'd rather he save money on an engagement ring (as long as it's not cheaply made) and we'll have more financial stability as a couple later on. Actually, the ring he got me was the nicest one in all the stores, in my opinion. All of the $4000 rings just looked gaudy to me (he knows my taste well). I wouldn't want him to waste that kind of money on it. Anyway, it's the sentiment behind it that really counts, not the price tag on the ring. My friend's dad was so poor he proposed to her mom with a twist tie, until he could scrape together enough money for a ring. They're still married 20 years later and going strong.
  • I paid 3 grand for an engagement/wedding ring set.
  • I would settle for one less that one hundred.... I think its the sentimentality that really counts.
  • The average is probably in the neighbourhood of around $1,500. I paid $14,000 for my s/o's engagement ring, and this was quite a few years ago.
  • i paid about 300.I already had the diamond I just had it set in a white gold band
  • Even though I have been married more than once, it's been quite a while and I do not remember what they paid for my rings. I was usually with them so I could choose the ring I wanted. Number one surprised me and got an entirely different one than I had picked out. It was a larger stone. Not huge but a bit larger than I had picked out. I really do not think it matters how much a ring costs, it's the feeling that comes from the heart that matters. A ring out of a gumball machine can mean as much as a $5,000 ring if it is given with genuine Love.
  • I would pay 200-1000 for an engagement ring. Its a special ring, but it sure aint the wedding ring. I'd DEFINITLEY have alot of love into giving that ring. No doubt in my mind it'd be good enough. Wedding ring might be 2000 or more =O
  • I had a $9,000 ring once. I gave it away. If it's real love a small plain band would work.
  • I would say it depend on the average of income that men earn...... +

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