• they wernt americans they were europeans. and they justified it the same way they did with almost all of africa. they considered them all savages and that they were making their lives better by bringing them god and democracy, all while feeding their craving for new land. they tried to do it to japan and india but they were all like "GTFO!"
  • They called it Manifest Destiny. Enjoy the images.
  • They learned from those that went before on how to rape pillage and burn.
  • They WERE Americans. Manifest Destiny and other documents gave them the legal power. Indians were not seen as humans. Slaves at least had value, the Indians none.
  • They justified it by saying that according to Christianity, the Indians were pagan scum that were blaspheming against the true God by worshiping their Pagan idols. Therefore God wanted the white Christians to rid the world of them because they were filthy, blasphemos barbarians.
  • In general the Indians didn't claim ownership themselves - at least not in the Western sense: "Own land? Can you own sky?" Also, the Indian tribes had no problem stealing from and displacing weaker tribes when it suited them. Outside of the coastal plain of the original colonies, Indians were regarded as savages who obviously weren't doing anything with the land (building permanent towns and cities, farming it in other than a slash-n-burn fashion, logging its forrests, mining its hils, etc.) and therefore weren't to be seriously considered as its possessors in any sense. It has much to do with Scotch-Irish law concerning squatters rights: the land belongs to the man who's working the land, regardless of what the deed says ... and the Indians didn't even have deeds.
  • Eminent Domain, same way they do it now.

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