• I have no idea what size it is. My aunt said you get to buy the turkey this year, give me a twenty. So I did. +5
  • 11 pounds and it came in a thirty dollar food box I get each month from a local church (alot of other frozen meats and vegetables). You are talking to a person struggling....but getting by.
  • Personally...I boycott turkey at Christmas time...we eat seafood for Christmas dinner (we dont have thanksgiving in Australia...just big Christmas lund/dinner)...It makes me sad to think of the mass slaughter of those big feathered gobbly gobblies. But its also very hot having the oven on for hours would bake us all!!!
  • 16lbs 40 cents per pound. Woot!
  • My turkey's a 11.09 lb Jennie O Turkey and I got mine for $0.00, we get a free turkey every Thanksgiving from work and a ham for Christmas. But we don't get bonuses for the holidays :( but I did get a raise recently :)
  • We're going to southern deep fry a fresh one for the first time about 18 lbs...I haven't picked one up yet so I don't really know how much a fresh turkey costs...News at 11 +++++
  • Close to 20lbs, we didn't pay anything for it. There are two major super markets in our area that gives away free turkeys if you spend a certain amount of money over a certain period of time. Last year we got 3 turkeys and gave one each to our daughters. The whole family is coming to our home this year, to give thanks.. "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to ALL!!
  • I got a 30 lb. Turkey for free last year. It lasted forever. This year my mother bought one and she's not here for me to ask.
  • WAY TO GO! I haven't purchased mine yet but none of the prices I've seen published could beat that one!
  • 21.42 lbs and it cost $8 and some odd change.
  • My head hurts
  • I hate to tell you this, but I just went to the store, looked at the turkeys, found a really small smoked turkey and brought it home. I don't know what it cost nor how much it weighed. And was it ever good!
  • wow! that is cheap! we do not celebrate thanksgiving - although we ought to ! we should give thanks that those intolerant whiny puritans left! But anyway.... no turkey here until Christmas
  • Ours is free every year from Shop Rite. It was 21lb. You have to have 500$ in grocery receipts to get it free.
  • I bought 3 turkeys for the freezer at 39 cents a lb. And I got one fresh turkey for 99 cents a lb.
  • I had ham.

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