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  • Maybe for that person but not for the ones around them
  • Suicide is certainly a permanent thing .. but not a solution really. It's more a cry for help that has gone unanswered.
  • Not a solution ever. Not for those left to pick up the pieces and live with it. The hurt and guilt that is left is Definitely permanent. +5
  • Yes, but just for the one who commits suicide; not the people that loved them.
  • Do you mean for both...loved ones will feel the effects of suicide for their whole life as well. Think of kids whose parents commit suicide or spouses. Definitely not a temporary solution for either.
  • In most cases,but not all,some cases have real causes for death,by degrees it's in the mind of the one attempting verses the reality of the situation. As a 10 time failure, there have been times where I really thought I should die,,depression and manic fits have both contributed to those times,physically I have no health problems,mentally I have a few,hence the multiple attempts.
  • I wouldn't credit suicide as a solution to anything. I do agree that any and all problems are usually temporary and really not that significant in the long run.
  • My eighth grade teacher used to say that all the time.... but it isn't a solution. Not at all... it's another problem. Out of 25 kids in my 8th grade class, I know that four are suicidal in 10th grade... why teacher, why did you say that?
  • no suicide gives nothing takes all thing
  • It's a temporary solution to permanent problem. God will put you in the same shit again anyway. )-:

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