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  • MMF threesomes with my friend and his wife
  • Mine was the time I wound up showering with my wife's 21yo sister by accident. She had been staying with us after she injured her leg in a car accident, and was having trouble walking. One day my wife was at work and her sister decided to get a shower, after a few minutes I heard a loud thump. I ran to the door and asked if she was OK. She told me that she was not hurt, but she could not stand back up in the shower. I asked her if she wanted any help, and she said that it would be really weird if I saw her naked. I left her alone and a few minutes later I asked if she had gotten up yet. She told me no, and that she was embarrassed. As a joke I asked if it would help if I were naked too. to my surprise she said, "umm, yeah I think it might." "Really?" I asked. "If you don't think it would be to weird..." she said. I told her, "anything for you." So I stripped naked and came into the bathroom. She was sitting in the shower, she look up with a sad smile and said thank you. I helped her to get up and to finish her shower, we were laughing the whole time. At one point she turned around and I accidentally (I swear) poked her in the butt with my now fully erect dick. She looked down at it, and with a smirk on her face asked, "ahemm... what is that supposed to be?" I said, "Give me a break, this was your idea, I was just trying to help you out!" She just laughed and lightly swatted it so that it bobbed up and down. We finished up and before we dried off she told me that I was very sweet for helping her out and being a gentleman about it, then she leaned in and give me a big wet bear hug. While she was hugging me she realized that my rock hard cock was pressing into her stomach, She paused, and smirked at me again, "all right, just this once" Then she reached down and grabbed my warm dick in her hand and started to jerk me off! It didn't take long, after about 4 or five minutes I came all over her flat stomach and her dark pubes. With my dick still in her hand she gave me a very sweet kiss on my cheek and said with a big smile, "Don't tell my sister. OK?"
  • I had sex with 1 SSBBW , ! Female Midget and 1 Shemale mega hot orgy. The rest I keep to myself.

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