• They offer an inexpensive food for nations. It doesn't take that much to raise cows for meat. And with hunger all over, they're easy to shove into markets at cheep prices.
  • 1 word... Hamburgers!
  • Beef, hamburgers, milk, steak, YOGURT!! and of course black and white patterned car seat covers.
  • Cows are important for milk. Steers(the males) are used for beef.
  • I watched this fascinating documentary on cows called "Holy Cow" that brought out the point that cows are a complete resource. They provide meat, dairy, leather, fuel, and are relatively low maintenance and cost. They are quite useful to people in areas where the soil is too poor to farm. I highly recommend the movie, I believe it was done by the National Geographic Society.
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      Excellent point, idne. If there were no cows, there would be no such phrase as "Holy Cow", therefore Lee Dorsey wouldn't have had a hit with his song of that title. I wonder if teejava thought of that? I suspect not.
  • They make the world go round.
  • If we didn't have cows, who would do all the mooing?
  • 12-02-2016 Gary Larson would be unknown without them.
    • Jewels Vern
      And if we didn't have American cows we would have to drink the Spanish product, "soy milk".

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