• self-defense, if that can be proven
  • someone is trying to harm you or your family
  • I would say it is understandable if you are defending yourself from someone, and kill that person accidentally. Everyone would defend themself if they know they are in danger. Too bad the law won't ever understand that :( ++
  • When the law is unjust. The law allowed slavery before the Civil War. It allowed genocide in Nazi Germany. It permits the infanticide of unborn children today.
  • When falling from an airplane
    • Bootsiebaby
      I didn't know that was illegal.
    • Bootsiebaby
  • When rushing someone to the hospital, Sorry I am not going 10 mph when my hubby, or father or whom ever is bleeding to death. Nope not happening.
  • I think it's understandable to break the law ANY time it's necessary or unavoidable, as long as it can not cause physical harm to someone or something. (Sometimes even when something or someone is at risk.)
  • If you ask understandable, I would say in vary many cases. . If you ask justifiable, that would eb a very different issue!
  • when ur life is in danger?
  • I the cases where the ends can be shown to justify the means, such as : a building is on fire and a child is trapped inside - in this case, 'break and enter' in order to save a life, would be understandable.
  • Going through a stop sign when you can see both ways. I think I probably did it today already.
  • probably on no occasions
  • Depends on which law you're talking about. And whether or not something is "understandable" is very subjective. You might want to be careful with that part because the presiding judge might not be as subjective.
  • Violently kicking a guy who tried to rape my sister. That was what I really went to jail for in 2001, never mind what lies a certain member of this site has said about me in the past. Just for the record, that same liar also has a grudge against my sister as well as me.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I've read stories about you from a certain user on Answerbag who said you went to jail, although the user did not say the reason you were behind bars. Thumbs up for letting us AB'ers know why you went to jail.
    • Bootsiebaby
      The liar with a grudge against me and my sister - well, I won't call her by her actual AB screen name, I'll call her by a made-up name. I'll refer to her as Lady Joni. This Lady Joni thinks I went to jail because I "couldn't control my own anger and self" because she obviously wouldn't care tuppence if someone tried to rape her sister. I on the other hand defended my sister like any normal, caring person would. Judging by some of the other things Lady Joni said to me, I wouldn't be surprised if she treated the whole thing as some kind of "joke" just like she said some pervert was "joking" when he stalked a friend of mine a few years ago. Now do you see what sort of person this Lady Joni is?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I understand what type of person Lady Joni is. I can tell she doesn't like you. She is a hateful person with you, me and other AB'ers who do not agree with her. I have not seen Lady Joni in 3 weeks now, as I write this on 10/24/2023.
    • Bootsiebaby
      So you know who Lady Joni is. Lol :)
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I certainly do. She likes Linda Blair movies and she is filled with Joy. :)
    • Bootsiebaby
      One would never thing she was filled with joy. I wouldn't be surprised if she was possessed like the girl in "The Exorcist" though.
  • When it's self-defense. I once stomped on a man's hand with metal spike stiletto boots out in the country woods. Me and 2 female rural friends were going home from a dance club just after midnight. My rural friend was driving, I was riding shotgun and the other friend was sitting on the back seat. Upon driving through the woods to get home, my rural friend accidentally hit a man with her vehicle who got in her way. She stopped her vehicle and drove around in reverse with the headlights shining brightly on the man, as he was laying on the ground. I told her not to stop and to keep driving. She felt so bad, that she had to get off her vehicle to check on the man. I'm like, we will both get off together. Our friend in the backseat was too scared to get off. When we walked up to the man, he did not show any movement. As we got closer, I heard something shatter under my boot. I looked down and it was his glasses. Then seconds later I noticed the man slowly trying to grab a shiny object gleaming on the ground. It was a knife. Before he reached out to grab it, I stomped on his hand as hard as I could, pressing the stiletto of my boot even harder. I probably fractured his hand, since he cried LOUDLY in pain. That's when me and my friend ran, we got back in the car and she drove away quickly.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Well done, Jenny. By the way, my name is Jenny as well. :)
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Nice to know, Jenny. :)
  • Never. There is nothing to understand about breaking the law. You would have to be a criminal to break the law. There are certain situations in which some citizens become vigilantes but only if it’s a moral act where nobody gets hurt. Being a vigilante can be dangerous in certain situations. Sometimes the police can be slow in responding to a crime and that’s when vigilantes do a favour by stepping in. Breaking the law is what criminals do. Some people’s excuse for breaking the law is self defence but that’s stupid talk. Someone such as myself doesn’t get involved with the outside world because the world is corrupt with all the criminal acts going on and I avoid all of that for my own protection so I suggest others do the same. It’s a suggestion in which I don’t force my views on others. The outside world is for people who are part of the snake pit of corruption which they don’t realise their wrongdoings because they are immoral. When someone is in danger and nobody else is around all they can do is make a run for it until they are among people in public and that there will be some decent people who can help them. The good people in the world look out for each other. Those with a disability of some sort or a special needs person should always be with someone who can take care of them in case anything should happen when in public. If you see a criminal with a weapon like a knife, make a run for it. If they have a gun well then hide somewhere until they are gone out of sight. It is not justice to kill a criminal because that would make you equally bad. It is justice when a criminal is arrested and put in prison.
  • When a life is in danger

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