• Romantic... maybe Cape May or The Florida Keys. Also try Manhattan. I know it's crazy but you can take these cute little bike trollies around town.
  • I would go to Honolulu.
  • vegas you can have a romantic get away even thou its more on the party
  • Big Bend National Park in Texas - it's very lovely and not as hot as the rest of the state. There's mountains and cabins to stay in and gorgeous trails to go hiking or horseback riding on. It's a very different sort of landscape than "normal" vacations, but a good way to spend some time alone with your sweetheart.
  • Any of the Hawaian islands would do it for me you got the ticket?
  • California wine country has some great romantic bed & breakfasts. Then there's always the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Florida can be very romantic too.
  • The Buckhorn Inn: My hubby and I went there last year. It has beautiful views of the Smokey Mountains and is in a lovely area (away from the touristy gatlinburg area). We stayed in one of the cottages, and it was so peaceful and wonderful - playing scrabble on the patio, taking long baths and drinking champagne in the jaccuzzi! You get breakfast provided and it's just delicious, the couple who own the place serve it themeselves and are so friendly. And the dinners are great too. very very romantic.
  • I would go to Hawaii because the calming ocean noises and beautiful bright sunshine can really bring a couple together.
  • I would go to "The Inn at Morro Bay", a beautiful hotel on the edge of a lovely state park in Morro Bay, California. If you like smaller more intimate places, thee is the Back Bay Inn also in the area. We lived in the area for over 30 years and these were 2 places our friends really loved. THey are very romantic and a bit off the usual beaten path.
  • California, I hear the weather in summer is awesome.
  • the La Quinta inn. Room 324, Bakerfield, CA
  • Anywhere that doesn't involve going through Chicago O'Hare Airport. There's nothing romantic about a ten hour flight delay.
  • I loved Hawaii! Maui is beautiful, and the water is SO clear! You can snorkel just fine off the beach of many resorts there!
  • Jamacia or Mexico. Ther are absolute wonderful casinos, buetiful resorts and beaches, but lastly, their romantic bed settings... perfect place to spend time w/ love ones.
  • Any of the Caribbean Islands that cater to fewer guests but more tropical settings. Any of the all-inclusives on Jamaica would work. The ultimate I think would be one of the Bungalows over the water in Bora Bora or Moorea in the Society Islands (French Polynesia-Tahiti).
  • The Seychelles:-) Awesome beaches, quiet remote, very romantic.
  • Remote islands are the perfect places for a romantic getaway (e.g. Bali, Phuket, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.).
  • A babysitter, a bottle of whine, and a hotel room playing little sinatra.

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