• Yep; I sure have locked my keys in my car .... However; I carry an XTRA Car Door key ... so I am NOT locked out ! +5
  • yep used the keyless entry
  • Only one time, when I was 18. I tried to put a coat hanger through the wind wing (anyone remember those?), to get the window open, so I could unlock the door. I succeded in breaking the window, so I got my keys that way.
    • Creamcrackered
      Ah, those were the days lol!
  • Yes, but keep a spare key in my wallet. +3
  • Yes, and I called a locksmith. It cost me $20.00 to unlock my car.
  • Yes I did. I called the Auto Club (AAA).
  • Bent a coat hanger to go over the top of the side window down to the inside door handle and after 15 minutes or so hooked the inside door handle and pulled up to have the door open.
  • i havent BUT a cop did in my driveway! he got them out with my metal hanger to unlock his driver door cause his back window was still open a little for the K9 :D it was so darn funny.
  • The window was open enough to schtick a probe down in there and push the electric 'unlock' button! Success! ;-)
  • Yup, done that before. I keep a spare key in my wallet. +5
  • I have a spare key on the car just in case I lock myself out...
  • Yes. Spare set of keys.
  • Yes I did. I carry 2 of the same car keys with me, so when I locked one inside the car, I had one in my coat pocket to re-open the car door.
  • Yes. Used the spare I keep in another spot on my body.
  • we were in acabinawayfrom home and i forgot the keys inside... we called my dad who had extra keys and he had to drive an hour and a half to get there so we could get into the car
  • Many years ago (before remote central locking) I did this in a rough area known for car crime. I borrowed a wire coathanger & used it to break into the car, several people walked past while I was doing it, nobody challenged me...
  • Newer cars are much more difficult, but the old ones, you could get into with a coat hanger.
  • I did it at Walmart twice called my insurance company and a tow truck opened it for nothing. The next time I locked myself out was at home - and rather than call someone I taught myself how to open the door with a coat hanger. Never had the problem again.
  • yes, this was couple of decades ago. I asked a neighbor who had just come out if they could get me a wire hanger so I could unlock my car. I think they still make those. LOL! One time my key broke off in the ignition. I calmly walked right back into the store I had just left and bought a pair of tweezers and got the key out. I always carry a spare in my purse and used it. crisis averted!

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