• It is almost the equivalent of being illiterate in todays society. +3
  • Being completely dependent on other people to do a lot of necessary tasks.
  • 1) Inability to contact certain people and organizations 2) SEVERELY restricted job choices 3) Missing out on good deals 4) Being unaware of many things 5) Scorn and ridicule; Warrior 11 is entirely correct when he says it's like being illiterate 6) Being unaware of certain cultural things 7) If you ever do wind up learning just enough to use a mouse and click around on the 'net, you have a good chance of getting Rickrolled In the off chance that you get a computer and don't learn how to use it (many people (like my in-laws) get one because they feel they need it but never learn them) then it will require constant repair (either a friend will become practically your roommate or the repair shops will get RICH), be more infected than a two-dollar hooker, slower than constipation, and generally cause a LOT of problems.
  • Unemployment
  • Not being able to use Answerbag.
  • Everyone will think your a complete idiot. Lucky for me I have above above-average skills.
  • not being able to communicate with your friends and family via email. my mom drives me crazy sometimes b/c she isn't very good with computers, and sometimes when she's giving her email address to someone, she says "cirlce" instead of "@"!! its funny and cute but its like oh c'mon now! lol
  • Well, for one, we couldn't see or answer this question...

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