• Back when I was a kid the legal age a kid could take the GED to get our of school was age 16. All you needed was your parents consent. Unfortunately I did that. Why unfortunately? Because from that moment on no one took into account that I got my GED at age 16, all they saw is that I got my GED. unfortunately GED seems to equate with 'loser' or someone who was unable to complete high school because they were/are a bad person. I was able to 'fix' most of that since I went to college and some university and got a degree to cover that 'mistake'. My advise, stay in school and graduate. That diploma is more than just a piece of paper.
  • It depends on where you live. Here it used to be 16, until last year when it was changed to 17. My advice, however, is DO NOT drop out. Sure, it seems like a good idea now, but in 5 years time when you're still stuck waiting tables....

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