• People who deny the holocaust are ignorant and naive. There is so much evidence and first hand accounts that denying auschtwitz is liking denying that it rains.
  • There were far worse tragedies and inhumanities to many other "people" than the holocaust, which also happened at the same time. These were against priests and any other religions that were not just jews. The holocaust was only about 25% of the people that were violated and murdered. The jews were the ones that were used as experimental medical volunteers and other long painful experiments as well as put into the concentration camps. Actually, due to the holocaust we learned alot about our medical treatments today, not that I ever would have condoned the treatments or atrosites.
  • I don't understand this behavior myself. Maybe they don't want to think that humans are capable of doing something like that. It's pretty sad too, because things like the Holocaust are one of man-kind's number one franchises.
  • The holocaust is now 60 years in the past and the far right are making hay with the fact that many of the people of that era are dying, and so they are beginnning to 'question' it and blur the vision. Unfortunately there are some easily influenced "sheeple" who when they see their livelihoods, homes or whatever threatened by whatever tabloid sensationalist story is on the front page that day. They are easy prey for these racist groups, and their numbers are growing.... let us never forget or be condemned to repeat history
  • How can people deny that we went to the Moon or buy into any of the many other conspiracy theories? Some people just can't accept the facts. They have to look for other, more sinister explanations for things. In the case of the Holocaust deniers, they also have a hatred for the Jews. So, they have to explain the Holocaust away as just another Jewish plot to gain sympathy and, ultimately, power.
  • Don't forget that many companies now in existence, also supported the Nazis and even produced the materials for the murder of those in concentration camps. Companies such as Audi, BMW, BASF and so on, all bear responsibility and it is in their interests, especially now that they are repeating history with their support of the US in Iraq and elsewhere, even down to the new FEMA concentration camps that are now ready to open in the US, that people forget and not be aware of what really happened. Holocaust denial is not just ignorant and naieve unfortunately. It can also be calculated and planned.
  • Stupid people don't need reasons to be stupid (inless they have a medical condition). It;s pointless to ask these questions. Just be glad you're not one of those ignorant fools who go around saying stupid things like "the Holocaust is a conspiracy."
  • People will believe anything if you start telling them early enough and keep telling them as they mature. I once worked with a brilliant man who denied the holocaust because, "My father was in the German army during World War II and he told me that the Holocaust was just a bunch of Jewish propaganda. He told me that a couple thousand Jews max were killed in the camps." At first I couldn't believe it, but he was serious and there was no way I could change his mind. That some of my relatives had died in the camps was just ignored because his Dad had told him so. It happens all the time. A Young Muslim boy is told that killing infidels will assure his place in heaven. So he grows up to fly a jet into a building. A poor young black boy in Alabama is told that because he is an American he is automatically better than anyone else in the world. So he grows of arrogant, thinking that everybody else in the world secretly wants to be an American. I happens all the time and everywhere in the world. Heck most of us probably unconciously do it to our own kids. Hope this helps.
  • Because there are always people who want to be controversial and believe the unbelievable, who want to buck the system, they want to rock the boat. They want to challenge everything. Here is a nice essay written by Erica Spinelli about the tactics used by people who deny the Holocaust.
  • to be honest i thought it's real. till i heard there is a rule in the UN ASSEMBLY punish who deny holocaust if it's real. why this rule in existing. it's prove that they just wanna convince the world it's true, otherwise u will go to Jail.......i find this illogical another thing, if we notice what Israel did last month in Palestine more than 1500 killed in three weeks 400 child. what made me wonder is the jewish rabbis said officically, killing the palestinian children is legal, jews have the right to kill all children and women. if jews really went throgh experince like Holocaust .....they wouldn't did that
  • People deny all kinds of things despite mountains of evidence. It's the 'in' thing.
  • i don't deny it happened. i think that some of the numbers are GREATLY exagerrated, but i don't deny it. just like i don't deny the stories of the multiple 'holocausts' the jews perpetrated in those bible stories (some of them make auschwitz look like a picnic). i think its really telling how the word 'racism' gets thrown around when talking about those who deny the holocaust when racism is what the jewish faith is built on. but, what do i know? i'm only a 'gentile'. THANK BAAL I'M NOT JEWISH!!

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