• Installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard is a big financial investment. Prior to installation it is important to determine whether the investment will pay off for your family--both in terms of how you'll use the pool and your the value of your home.


    Knowing what your pool will be used for will help guide your new pool's design. You may want to design a lap pool differently than a pool being utilized primarily for water sports or a children's splash pool. To ensure that you use the pool often enough to justify the investment, it should be designed to suit your family's needs. Your location will also determine usage. If you live in a northern climate, you'll only be able to use your pool a few months out of the year unless the pool is enclosed or heated. However, if you live in Southern California or the Southwest, you'll be able to use your in-ground pool most (if not all) of the year, making the purchase a potentially better investment. Other questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge, is whether you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and the size and ages of everyone in your family. You'll also want to take a realistic look at your family to determine how much use the pool will likely get. If the pool will play center stage in your family's staycations for the next few years, you might determine that it's worth the investment.

    Financial Return

    There are differing opinions about whether homeowners get a financial return on their pool installation. According to a Realty Times article, most investors agree that pool owners do not get back the full cost that they spent on their pools. "Swimming pools mean an added market value of between -25 percent and 15 percent, a far cry from garages (75 to 100 percent), or interior or exterior paint (70 percent to 300 percent)." On the other hand, a pool could be the deciding factor for homebuyers--particularly those who are relocating to a warmer climate. Regardless of where you live, your inground pool should not take up your entire backyard. Few homeowners will want a concrete backyard, regardless of how nice the pool is.


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