• The lack of limbs allows for more complex neural pathways relating to other parts of the body, in the case of a snake, tongue, eyes, and body. Snakes' tongues are more flexible than those of other animals and can detect scents in a fairly wide radius, something our noses can't do. Snakes have pretty sharp vision, and most can see just as well at night as at day. A snake's body is quite flexible and it can move very quickly; some can even jump while in the air, effectively soaring short distances (this type of snake is called a chrysopelea). Also, the lack of limbs allows a snake to move through tight spaces. Having limbs (in most animals) would require large bones that couldn't squeeze through small holes (shoulderblades, pelvis, and hipbones).
  • good question. a better one is, "What evolutionary advantage is there to these things?

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