• One of these two Unix Servers ... World's largest computer technology and consulting corporation, IBM Corp. has unveiled two high-end Power Systems models, the world's fastest UNIX server and a unique water-cooled supercomputer, which have excellent energy-saving capabilities. World's Fastest UNIX Server IBM's new UNIX enterprise server, the Power 595, is designed to help simplify the customer's infrastructure and save costs through server consolidation, easier systems management and energy savings. The POWER6-based Power 595 also offers leading virtualization technology for large-scale consolidation with PowerVM technology. "The new Power 575® supercomputer, equipped with IBM's latest POWER6® microprocessor, uses water-chilled copper plates located above each microprocessor to remove heat from the electronics," IBM said, in its official press release. This can help reduce "typical energy consumption used to cool the data center by 40 percent" as it requires 80 percent fewer air conditioning units, IBM said. According to IBM scientists, water can be up to 4,000 times more effective in cooling computer systems than air. The new 'Hydro-Cluster' supercomputer, "with 448 processor cores per rack," offers more than five times the performance and more than three times the energy efficiency of its predecessor, IBM's POWER5+� processor-based p575 supercomputer. And, because of the advanced water-cooling and POWER6 efficiencies, it is three times more energy efficient per rack, IBM said. "The Power 575, like all POWER-based supercomputers, is designed for the most computationally intensive problems in energy, engineering, aerospace, and weather modeling," said Dave Jursik, vice president of supercomputing sales for IBM. "IBM continually stretches the boundaries of high-end supercomputing and energy efficiency to meet the expanding requirements of science and technological progress," he said. Meanwhile, IBM's other new offering, the UNIX enterprise 64-core server - the Power� 595 - is designed to deliver twice the performance at a comparable price as a similarly configured HP Superdome Itanium® system, the release said. "The new 64-core, 128-thread Power 595 now ranks as the world's fastest UNIX system," the release said. "Using the latest 5.0 GHz POWER6 processor chips with dual memory controllers, and leveraging a new, sophisticated symmetric multi-processor (SMP) point-to-point interconnect to communicate between its cores, the Power 595 bested the results of all competitors for running large two-tier environments running the SAP® ERP application."
  • Mine, a gateway.. First I hated it then slowly it weaseled its way into my +5

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