• Maybe he thought he was finally rid of her:)
  • It's a very common problem. It's a 'you smell weird from vet and you smell of fear from car ride" thing. It often takes 3-4 days for them to get over it. It causes stress to the cat that stayed home just smelling what the other cat went through, causing great unease and anxiety, enough to cause an attack because they may feel threatened.
  • Both answers previous are WRONG! She smell strange animals on the cat.
  • After a visit to the vet, your younger cat has a different/strange smell about him/her. (How many cats do you know that enjoy visiting the vets lol) Within a short time tho, your older cat should be more accepting. One of our cats needed to be caged for 5 weeks after a leg operation. Her own sibling/brother turned from an affectionate brother to a nasty hissing spitting thing every time he wandered in to the room the cage (crate from the vets) was in. When Holly was finally allowed out, it took only a day or so before Bailey accepted her again.
  • Yes - it strange smells that cause that reaction.
  • All who said it is because your younger cat is carrying the scent from the vet (it doesn't matter what the scent is from) are correct. Try wiping your older cat down with a towel or even sock and then wipe the other cat down with the same thing and vice versa. Also try putting a couple drops of vanilla at the base of their tail. It helps neutralize the odor. The sooner they smell the same, the quicker they will adjust. If your younger cat will stand for it you might try wiping him down with a damp face cloth, especially his paws to help get rid of the smell.

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