• I totally agree. Even after admin reinstated it some troll came through flagged it again and it was rejected again. Some people only want the points and could care less how they get it.Major Tom is going through He** and they don't care. Regardless of this "troll/point farmer" I hope he knows we are all still here and value him and his life that much. He's been here 2 months today and I am amazed at how much he's brought most of us together for a common cause although a very sad one. Major Tom please note my screen name and know that I care about you as well as many others.
  • I agree! + for the question and the first answer
  • You got flagged? I can't even imagine. Some people are just stupid mean.
  • Yes its very sad indeed..although I don't know HOW they get away with it..I only flag wrong categories as nothing else seems to work unless people are using the F their answers.. And these are people who say they don't care about points..what a joke!!
  • oh woop-de-doo, five whole points! sheesh.... +6 for shoving it where it hurts. i hate trolls... =[
  • Yes I agree it has been a sad weekend on AB and these individuals well I cant put into words what I would like to do them. Nor would I in words, the words would not be acceptable to write on AB so they will stay in my head. +5
  • I have made a lot of points flagging spam/trolls - but I would NEVER do it in this case
  • I think it is another example of something that makes little sense. It's not worth getting upset about. I will still give all my friends points for their interesting questions. There are some mean people on here . I think we should all ignore them as much as possible.
  • i agree. ab is a social sight as well and should be respected as such in certain times. but administration could have kept it up, so we should be more mad at them then the person who flagged :-( +5
  • Some people have no heart....
  • I have flagged but for offensive questions and answers. At even age 14 (the youngest allowed on AB-and some are younger) there are some things that aren't nice to read/say. Heck, at any age there are some things that are offensive and very crude. I don't do it for points. Lots of times my flag is not accepted.
  • Isn't Moderation all about points? How many people do you think would spend time moderating if they weren't after the points? That's why I'd like to eliminate points entirely. Get rid of the points and you get rid of the point hogs. Simple, sweet and sassy! :)
  • Im with you on this one baby girl.+5,000
  • I agree. Damn vultures. Saying they want the place to look good, yet amass 40,000 points per week by not even looking what they're flagging at. It's all crap. They should just move to fourteenth century Europe already.

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