• not really
  • Hell yes.
  • I can't answer this in good conscience. I don't believe in any black market for children. - ;-)
  • The son who knocks women up is more expensive than the daughter who just wants a nice dress.
  • Not necessarily. What a daughter spends on clothes, the son probably spends on food. He may be eating you out of house and home.
  • have one of each. girls are definitely more expensive, and not to mention more tempermental too.
  • I would definitely think they can be, taking in to consideration you have to pay for their wedding and all that. Plus all their make-up and clothes, hair nails, facial, messages etc.
  • Not until they reach their teens.
  • Hard to say. If you have a son that is into lots of sports, and your daughter only does cheerleading or something, then the boy is probably more expensive. But if your daughter is into lots of stuff, and likes the nice things...well, that can add up, too! lol
  • Probably. But they are so worth it.
  • ..yes..until the son decides street racing is the "career" for him and ends up wrecking all the family cars in attempts to "trick them out" and then totaling them..and managing to get himself arrested...=)
  • Yes, because girls like pretty clothes; getting their hair done; going shopping at the mall; jewelry; make-up and are more picky about what they eat because they don't want to be fat. Boys are much cheaper to take care of. Though, I think girls are worth it!!
  • Yes, girls are picky.
  • we don't judge kids by their genders.. me matter what they are,we love them..that's all that matters.. But personally,i think it depends.. You see i'm a boy and i 've got a big sis and two lil sis.. But my dad has been wasting many just to make sure i have better chance to succeed than my sisters.. not to brag though but he always say he loves us all but he loves me the most.. I think parents waste things on the one they love the most.. Sounds discriminative though
  • It depends
  • No, I have a son and two daughters, my son is more expensive, Games for a 360 run an average of $50. and the insurance is crazy on auto. Not to mention all the guns and hunting gear,But, girls are so picky, I would rather raise three boys to one girl.

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