• It is just the way nature works. That is how light works. If he doesn't believe that, just ramble on about stuff that sounds scientific and he'll just get confused and walk away.
  • well...if i say it in scientific way,would he even understands??
  • White light is split into its constituent colors, of various wavelengths of lightwaves; each color has its specific wavelength, and each wavelength is refracted to a different degree. Thus, a rainbow ranges from red (the longest wavelength) through the colors to violet (the shortest wavelengh), always in order.
  • We see things because of light. Light comes in several frequencies. As the frequencies rise or fall, the light changes color.
  • Tell him about light waves as measured in angstroms? ;-)
  • 5-31-2017 A rainbow is a circle centered on the source of light, which has to be behind you. Each color of light is reflected at a specific angle.
  • *** Complicated theories and formulas are used to explain the formation of a rainbow. Basically, it seems that as white light enters a raindrop it is refracted and dispersed into different colors, the drop acting like a tiny prism. Each color strikes the inner surface of the drop and is reflected back at a different and specific angle. Thus an observer sees a bow with all seven colors of the spectrum (from the inside of the arc outward: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red), though these may blend so that only four or five are clear. Sometimes a larger and less distinct
  • Because of the length of the light waves

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