• IT IS OUT?!! When did you get it? I wish I could help but I can't! Sorry! Could you help me with this? You left a comment on this link and I wonder if you have to use the "GAME SHARK" to get this to work right? . This is your comment: JoshyBoy111 Nov, 06 2009 at 05:43 AM Actually thats the hack ONLY accessible via PokeMon Emerald Version. And its like this: Make sure you have like 1 PKMN in your party,like a Wurmple or a low level. Then deposit the PKMN in a box that is EMPTY. Exit the PC and Save. Then withdraw the PKMN with the items you wish to clone,and talk to the wireless multi-link lady,she should be the one nearest the PC,she will ask you to take the challenge,click yes, and then pick your PKMN to enter. Then she will say first you will need to save,press A then cut off your system before the save screen thingy appears.

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