• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Online Pricing Guides

    Online pricing guides are available for free to consumers. Some of these free car guides include VMR Canada and NADA. Both of these offer free online car valuations. It is wise to use more than one pricing guide, as each pricing guide calculates a different price.

    On the Other: Dealer Pricing

    All dealerships have appraisers to determine the value of your car. The appraisal from the dealer will be much more detailed and provide an expert's view of the automobile. Make sure to bring a printed report of the appraisal provided by the online guides, as you will be able to compare the guides' price to the dealership offer. If you car is going to be traded in, the dealer will likely be more flexible on the price they offer than if you are only asking for an appraisal.

    Bottom Line

    Your car's value is determined through a number of factors. Vehicle make and model, year of production, condition, added accessories, maintenance records and location all determine what your car is worth. Checking the pricing guides online is both free and easy, as it provides your vehicles market worth to dealers. A dealer's appraisal will likely be tweaked if you are considering trading in your car.


    VMR Canada


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