• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Acai Berries Contain Antioxidants

    In a study by the University of Florida, a cell-culture model showed that acai berries are able to fight against cancer cells. This is attributed, in part, to the antioxidants in the acai berries. Acai berry juice has all the same properties as natural acai berries as long as there aren't any added ingredients.

    On the Other: Insufficient Studies in Humans

    A person's metabolism can alter the manner in which the acai berry juice affects cancer cells. While acai berry juice has been shown to help fight cancer in laboratory studies, there haven't been any conclusive studies done in humans.

    Bottom Line

    While acai berry juice may be used as part of a healthy diet to help prevent cancer, it shouldn't be relied upon for cancer prevention or cancer treatment. When choosing acai berry juice, you must ensure that it is pure, pasteurized and packaged in a glass container to preserve the nutritional value of the acai berry.


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  • Acai berry-palm fruit is rich in antioxidants which aids in prevention of cancer especially duodenal cancer.But the Acai berry supplement taken must be pure and free from impurities.I tried Acai berry at it really improved my digestion and increased my energy levels.
  • No, they cannot do such a thing.
  • not that i know of but anything is possible

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