• Information and communication is a broad term that includes conveying, communicating and processing information. These included terms are generally accepted to include computer technologies in modern times.


    Information and communication technology evolved with, and dates back to, mankind's use of spoken and written forms of communicating with one another.


    Maintaining and advancing communications for the transfer of information is an essential theme in any society. With the speed of technological advancements today, knowledge of effective information and communication technology has become increasingly important.

    Current Issues

    When people think of communication and information technology, most often the Internet and computers come to mind. According to, the current issues surrounding information and communication technology are ethics, Net neutrality, Internet regulations, cybercrimes and security.

    Future Trends

    Job trends for experts in information and communication technology are expected to increase as reliance on technological devices grows. Technological advances in science, medicine and other areas promise to benefit everyone. Computer-to-brain interface devices are some of the newest technologies being researched and implemented in daily life. Artificial intelligence and synthetic biology have begun to offer new hope for disease cures and longevity.


    Keeping up with information and communication technology to ensure that it does not get out of hand, and that it is properly regulated and monitored, are considerations today. Human rights and ethical issues presently surround the information and communication technology industry.



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