• More for fun. I am mostly playing with grandkids. But I will accidentally hit the board and all the pices come flying when I am losing.
  • I am the least competitive person in the Universe. I always play for fun. I don't care who "wins". That isn't ever a goal/point for me. It is the joy of the game, the camaderie, the togetherness I value! :)
  • Awh! just for fun I hate winning I leave that to the other half she gets a real kick out of it...but I win all the tv quiz shows....
  • I play because it's fun. Everything else is besides the point. Except for Trivial Pursuit. I think I play that one because I'm masochistic or something. In all the years I've been playing Trivial Pursuit with my wife, I've won a grand total of TWO games. And one of them was simply because it was about three in the morning and she was falling asleep. I like Trivial Pursuit...but I SUCK at it! At least when I play with my wife!
  • I play for the fun of it.
  • I play for fun but I want to win!
  • I play to win. Bad idea. I never have any fun. My opponent always hates me.
  • I'm very competitive...which is the fun of such games. Yes, I try to win. No, I don't need to win. What I enjoy is playing the game to the best of my ability. As long as I had a chance of winning, it's fun. If it's some sort of game where there was no possible chance of me winning (like - say - playing chess against a trained and experienced chess player), then it's not fun.
  • I play board games to win. My usual one is Scrabble.

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