• If you were my 13 year old there would be nothing you can say to convince me that you are old enough to attend that kind of concert without me right along side of you. I'm kind of the "cool" parent who allows my kids to make choices. Choice One: You can stay at home, do your chores, do your homework and then you can go to a movie (pre-approved by me of course, hang out with your friends (in a pre-approved locality) by yourself, something along those lines. ORRRRRR We can both go to this concert where I will dress appropriately, leather jacket, t-shirt, ripped jeans and be in your face with all your friends and of course I will try not to share those baby pictures I carry in my wallet of you with your friends. But you would know that I get this silly notion in my head to share everything I know about you with your peers... Something about your reaction just tickles me. The choice is yours.
  • totally ask ONE of ur parents to go with u~ haha i was in the same situation so my mom made the whole family go [which was a bit annoying] and instead of paying $37 -> which i paid, we paid $148...
  • My little sister was only 10 and she gets to go!
    • Thinker
      So what!!?? your little sister isn't the sister of this child and doesn't live under the same rules.
  • There is no convincing necessary. Your mother said, "No." and that should be the end of it. Don't come whining on here expecting to get sympathy. It doesn't matter who else gets to go or not. As long as you are living under the roof of your parents you will abide by their decisions no matter how upset you get about it. Grow up little girl. Life isn't a bed of rose peddles. When you are of age and move away from home then you make the decisions until then do as your parents say. As long as they are not physically injuring you you are to mind them.

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