• I think that I would about rather have the illness than the cure with all the side affects
  • We are an overprescribed society. Depending on your criteria for "unnecessary", somewhere between 30 per cent to 85 per cent of prescriptions are unnecessary. Some people just have this thing about wanting pills for everything, or about the attention they get from doctors and pharmas. Taken to its extremes, just consider what unnecessary drugs and surgeries did for Michael Jackson. He got so messed up that even when he did get a serious condition it was hard to tell what he'd done to himself from what his luck had handed him.
  • Yep, but I thinkg Doctors weight at the moment which would prolong your life and the percentage of damage done by the side effects.
  • It is crazy. Especially the depression ones the side effects are the same as the illness. May cause suicidal thoughts???? Not to mention the kidney failure, dry mouth, etc.
  • That is why I wonder do prescription drugs really work. Because they might cure one thing but harm another part of your body like the liver. +4
  • Not just ironic but sadly and sometimes disastrous in their effects.
  • Yep, well cure your exzema but you will have lower body paralysas and chronic joint pain, and lupus. have fun with that. Great question christina, Have a great night:)
  • i just dont see why marijuana isnt a common prescription medication for pain. . . . no bad side effects. . . . not addictive
  • That's why I always insist upon Placebo....;-D... . . .
  • I find it disturbing, but not to worry, they have another pill for each side effect. People are being chemically blasted more and more every day and paying for it. +4
  • Ironic, but not surprising. If everybody had the same reactions to a drug, you could test it on one person and know all the possible side effects. But even after you test it on thousands, you won't know all the possible side effects that will happen when the drug is given to millions.
  • Most side effects don't affect most people. Some side effects were never caused by the drug at all but people experienced them during clinical trials, possibly from some kind of illness, possibly from imagination or a secondary drug they weren't supposed to be taking but did anyway. . When you see the list of side effects think 'lawsuit'. They are listed to prevent bullshit class-action lawsuits which would either erase any use of the drug or dramatically increase the cost for them to sell it.
  • I find it unconscionable. The list of side effects are frightening. Personally I think the creators of these drugs could do better than they do but with each possible side effect another medication needs to be taken so you see they keep their bottom line healthy by insuring conditions that need more medication. Sad! :( Happy Thursday! :)
  • Well not really i mean If you take a medication that treats your issue and the only side effects to the medication are: # anal leakage â– slurred speech; â– loss of balance or coordination; â– easy bruising or bleeding; or â– unusual weakness...feeling suicidal Less serious side effects may include: â– dizziness, drowsiness, spinning sensation; â– nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite; â– feeling irritable; â– blurred vision; â– mild skin rash; or â– impotence, loss of interest in sex. tottaly worth it!! ( soo being sarcastic) :)
  • Almost as ironic as the bad effects they figure out years later!
  • ironic? no, not when crooks stand to make a profit!
  • I'm sure many guys would think blindness is a worthy tradeoff for a super-potent erection.

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