• free the potheads.kill the condemned.
  • More house arrests for the lesser criminals would free up a lot of space for people who really need to be confined.
  • Kill them all.
  • I believe that if someone has been in prison for a crime where no one was injured ; sentences could be reduced anout 25-50% ... IF they have someowhere they can go and live .. have a JOB waiting for them etc ... perhaps release non violent offenders .... Perhaps; we need to increase the taxes by 25 -30% on alchol, which puts many people in prison and use the taxes to assist the prison budgets ... Also; legalize Marijuana , place a 15 -20% TAX on it ... increase the penalty to sell it without a license ... and use the proceeds to help fund prison budgets ... +5
  • Send them to war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • kill death roll inmates are that are a dna match so no way possible are innocent. make prison hell on earth so criminals quit breaking the laws. put them to friggin work in horrible jobs that we are paying people to do now, i mean the light weights of course. if they get sentenced to 6 months make them do the time. this will lead hopefully to the person thinking before they break the law next time.
  • legalize drugs...............
  • Legalize marijuana! YES WE CANNABIS!!!!
  • They could shorten prison sentences, send nonviolent felons to county programs instead of prison.
  • Legalize drugs and triple the minimum wage.
  • All the ones that killed somebody should be executed. +4
  • let people out for good behavior. keep the bullys inside. there are a lot of bullies in prison. let the non vilolent types out to go free. put the sex offenders back in prison.
  • Well, it would be nice if everybody simply obeyed the law. Too bad the real world just isn't that simple.
  • Release the innocent. That should free up a lot of space.
  • WHen a person is sentenced to death penalty kill them within 6 months. Why sentence them to death and they sit on death row for 25 years and then right before their death they want a new trial. This would take care of a BUNCH of overcrowding. Those that are in jail for less serious crimes release them and Make them do community work for how ever many hours they still had to serve. If they still needed to serve 5 years. They should do 5 years community service. Immediately ship ALL ILLEGALS back to their home country. No papers, no jail but load the bus and drive th4em to border. This would help a lot. Make prisons Hell so nobody will ever want to go there. Hell: no tv, no exercise, no library, no college degrees just stay in there cells and hate it so much that when they get out they will NEVER gp back again.
  • build more
  • I have a solution to the prison problem and a solution to America's dependency on foreign fuel. Have they invented a hemoglobin-powered car yet?
  • Keep the neo-cons out of office for a start.
  • 1. Reform the drug laws, top to bottom 2. Overhaul sentencing laws. Rape=25 years, murder= 15 years? 3. Standardize death penalty laws. Make them equal, state to state.
  • Give the death penalty to all rapists, child molesters, murderers (1st degree), human traffickers, gangsters and drug dealers that deal in anything worse than pot. That would be a great way of fixing the system, it's just that no one ever likes my ideas.
  • Stop imprisoning people for victimless crimes, such as marijuana use, and improve the education system, allowing more people to get educated and into productive jobs that they like, so that they don't have to steal or sell drugs to make money.
  • Legalize and tax drugs
  • Put all the gang members, rapists, and pedophiles into a room and close the door. This will lessen the population . . .
  • Yep, pedophile, rapist, and murderers in one airtight room and pump in the gas. Problem solved. +4
  • Stop banning harmless things, like most drugs.
  • Yep. Quite a few draconian methods, in fact. Let's start with this: Our prison system is a PENAL system. It's NOT a reform system. People need to quit thinking of it as such. If the goal is to reform inmates, then structure an EFFECTIVE system around that principle and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Note the use of the key word "effective". I'm talking about a system with definite, well defined and measurable goals towards reformation that is result oriented. Not panty-waisted psycho-babble flim-flam bullsh*t. I don't want "feelings-focused" people running such an institution. I don't want people who either make up excuses for why a person is the way they are or who will accept such excuses. No "it's-not-their-fault, society-made-them-that-way" cr*p. The goal is to REFORM them; make them PRODUCTIVE members of society who will not resort to criminal activities. Screw the "it's-not-their-fault, society-made-them-that-way" people. If it's not their fault, then that implies they are not responsible for their own actions and thus cannot possibly be reformed. These people aren't helping to reform someone. They are enabling them. If someone is judged to have the potential for reform, then they go that route...and AFTER successfully 'graduating' from that system, they are re-integrated back into society on equal terms. Meaning, no stigma associated with, say, being a convict. If a person is judged NOT to be a candidate for reform, then it's off to prison they go, straight away. Also, if someone FAILS reform...either does NOT 'graduate' or, upon graduation, slides back into a criminal life, it's off to prison they go. Which makes prison either a life or death scenario, PERIOD. You are in prison for life because you are judged unfit for reform...or you are in prison awaiting consumation of a death sentence for the same reason. And personally, if you're in prison for life then you are technically a non-productive load on society. I have a very dim view of such. I see no benefits to, for example, feeding, housing, clothing a non-reformable rapist who has received a life sentence. Bring on the DR's.
  • Just a thought, but maybe people could stop BREAKING THE LAW!

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