• I tip 20%
  • I do the math. Here in Canada the tip for regular services is 15% of the price BEFORE taxes. If the service is excellent, I tip 20%. If the service was bad and lacking, I tip 5% or nothing. Generally I do the math because I don't like to tip less than what the person deserves..
  • Cross reference the cost of the meal with the service. I have 'stiffed' before, and, a time or two, left 300%. Generally, though, on a 20-30 dollar tab, if all was well would leave about 5 bucks.
  • 20-25% if it's worth it.service at its worst i'll go 15%
  • I tip over the math... I used to wait tables.
  • I tip 20% and do not deduct the tax.
  • I do the math.
  • If service is good I tip using 15 or 20%. If service was bad, then I tip accordingly.
  • My bills generally end up being around 12 bucks. I start at 2 dollars (bad service) to a max of 5 (if the service is great) or we were in some way difficult (big group usually or we were there til close).Usually its around 3 bucks.
  • I do the math and I tip well. My daughter was a waitress for a time while in school so I know what they are paid and what they go through. Let's face it, most of our waitress' and waiters are good. If not they get a bit less but never less than 15%.
  • Look at it this way. The "typical" or average "tipping rate" is 15%. The typical sales tax in most places (a little more here in CA) is about 8%. Look at the sales tax and just double it and ya can't go may be a few cents over the standard 15% but ya gotta consider people working for tips aren't getting a whole lot hourly to begin with.....:)
  • I do the math in my head and estimate and then round up.
  • If the service was exceptional, I always try to tip 20% to the nearest dollar.
  • It all depends for me. I go through the following process: (A) Service (10% potential) (B) Quality of Food (10% potential) (C) Ambiance (10% potential) So potentially I could tip 30% depending on the scores of A,B and C. Oh, and I forgot: D) Am I broke? Which in that case, then I just kind of shoot from the hip...KAPOW!
  • I usually tip 20% an easy round figure. Move the decimal point and double it. I've been known to tip 100% for exceptionally good service. +5
  • I do the approximate math. I usually choose not to work with the exact numbers, since I can do it practically instantly in my head if I round. That works out to their favor, though, so I don't feel bad about the mild laziness.
  • I always over tip if the service is even a little good. Servers work hard and usually make low wages.
  • Mostly random. When I tip I will leave a minimum of 10%, but the amount is entirely dependant on the quality of service.

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