• some sports stadium, probably texas?
  • Dallas Cowboys Stadium. +5
  • just down the street from me at the Cowboys Stadium
  • This has been quite a race lately, so I am not sure how long the present record will hold. Also this is presented as World's Largest *HD* Video Screen, theoretically there could be a non-HD larger one... 1) "Dallas Cowboys' World's Largest HD Video Screen Debuts" "The 25,000+ square feet display just debuted today at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. It's the world's largest video screen. The massive display weighs 600 tons, is 180 feet long and 72 feet tall. It's made of 10.5 million LEDs. When replays are shown, they are automatically made into slow motion. More than ten minutes of direct exposure will render a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader sterile. Every fan featured on the screen will get a million dollars deposited into an account of their choice." Source and further information: Further information: 2) Some disadvantages: - "During last night's Tennessee-Dallas game, a Titans punter actually hit Dallas's massive 180-foot-long HD screen, creating a bit of a situation: The play isn't reviewable, and there's no provision for a replay. The solution may cost millions of dollars. Apparently nobody had thought to test if a punted football could reach that high, and when Titans punter AJ Trapasso hit the screen, none of the officials knew quite what to do. It's not a reviewable play, but even if it were, it's not really fair to make a team waste a challenge on interference from the stadium which is entirely not the team's fault. The solution? The NFL could change the rules so there's a "re-do" option if the screen is hit, which will require another referee to be watching the flight of the ball (none were at the game last night). Or the Cowboys owners could raise the screen to be out of the ball's flight path, but that would cost at least $2 million." Source and further information: "A downside for fans is that the screen can be used to allow more obtrusive advertising to be displayed during games. It has been controversial among fans because at some times a large portion (more than 50%) of the screen is being used for advertising and other non game related graphics. This has led to some fans (including Austin American-Statesman commentator Kirk Bohls) calling the new screen "Adzillatron". Complaints have also been made about the scoreboard being too loud and about it broadcasting advertisements to those in the stadium, even over the top of the band playing in the stadium. In its first usage, the portion of the new screen that was typically used for showing replays and film highlights was approximately the same size as the old video screen. More recent games have featured a 16:9 format image centered in a ring of advertisement and score/clock related information. Nevertheless, complaints continue about the advertising, with some fans shouting out "We won't shop/eat/bank there" when advertisements are played loudly in the stadium." Source and further information:

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