• BLADE.. I don't feel an electric razor shaves close enough.
  • Blade. I shave using an old fashioned brush and shaving soap with a triple blade razor. An electric is fine for touchups in the afternoon, but doesn't give me as close a shave as a blade.
  • I use a razor blade. I don't think an electric razor shaves close enough.
  • If I let my hair grow out, I use an electric hair trimmer to ease the amount of work I put on the razor. Three head razor all the way for me. I have an exceptionally fast rate at which I grow hair so I try to avoid shaving whenever possible.
  • Definately a razor, seeing as i have shaved a hell of a lot of male patients, i have yet to find an electric one that actually does the job as good as a razor!
  • I think it depends on a persons skin and hair growth. Some people cannot use electric razors and find a normal razor gives a much closer shave.
  • Over the years I tried'em all........all the electrics on the market...NEVER EVER did I get a close shave, and my beard's not at all the stuck with I use the triple blades, and use them for 3 weeks.....seems just right for some reason......ALSO, GUYS,......USE GEL SHAVE CREMES INSTEAD of the regular; less air bubbles, thus getting a closer shave....... and where oh where to keep the blade? I just keep it in the mug, IN no fear of rust,, huh? LOL:-D
  • A decent quality razor, not a disposable. With shaving gel. Electric razors just aren't good enough.
  • I was told to only use an electric razor when I was on chemo. But I prefer a blade.
  • I used an electric razor for a few years since my mom bought me one as a gift, but it always left stubble, so I just had to go over everything with a blade afterward anyway. I think that blade technology is still more advanced than electric razor technology, so I'd recommend a blade to anyone who wants a decent shave.

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