• They are behind the scenes, no one see them..
  • look in the mirror
  • Celebrities entertain us, while engineers baffle and confound us.
  • As if this takes deep thought Engineers don't have publicity agents.
  • No one cares about the people behind the curtain. Look at all the great inventions we have, no one cares who made it, we just care that we have it.
  • Many do marvel at the engineering work done on a whatever, but the repect has to be done anonymously because, unlike celebrities, the name isn't out there. And I'd bet, if a poll were ever done, that engineers would, as a whole, get more than 'so little' respect. Maybe there could be a reality show about that, Head Engineer or something, so the public could see what it's all about. That may be a hit, or close to one anyway.
  • They're more well known, and some fans think they "know" them. If a celebrity played a role in which they were an engineer they'd prob. get respect for that too, rather than the real engineers.
  • Engineers are kinda behind the scenes making things work, piping gas to our homes or making sure our planes are safe. Celebrities, we actually see, and like because of music they make or parts they play in movies.
  • because the world we live in no longer requires the brave and the brilliant to be hero's. we idolise good looking singers and movie stars rather than there real life representatives
  • there not plastered across Billboards or T.V . screens or on the front cover of magazines ,why do the garbage collector not get the respect they do a good job keeping our cities and towns clean,it is an image thing ,i am happy to let therm have there glory ,because i know i am more than likely happier than they will ever be ,think about it would you really want to be Brook Shields or Tom Cruise ?
  • If I give celebrities even 5 seconds of thought per you request that would be more than I ever had and I can honestly say the same about engineers. I at times will admire; respect if you prefer their work, an invention, a role that they performed - but I can't say I have respect for either of those or any other just because of a title or career. I am unable to speak for others. +5
  • I am the Daughter of a Draftsmen. My Father's best friend was an engineer. I do not get it either.
  • Or teachers, or most other jobs. It's disgusting.
  • I ask the very same question concerning social workers who help the indigent, teachers who educate our young, and civil servants (firefighter, police officers, etc) who safeguard our property and lives. Things that make you go ummm.
  • Good question you have asked, but I don't need to think about it. This is something I already have contemplated many times in the past. For me it's very obnoxious to witness people some times eagerly lined up to kiss another human being's ass, and even worship them simply because those people, with the "celebrety" title, pursued a career in the entertainment business. They act and/or sing--that's what they chose to do to make a living. Why an acting or singing career receives so much adulation while the people who are in the business of saving lives--doctors, firefighters, nurses, etc-- receive very little attention, is beyond comprehension.
  • If you don't blow your own Horn you get no attention! not all celebs are respected.

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