• Yes, I can hear it and no I don't know what causes it.
  • I think it's the tube still moving...
  • It is usually a high pitched whistle from the horizontal scan transformer. A television (well, an old-fashioned CRT based one, anyway) has a flying dot that paints the picture on the screen. That flying is drawn across the screen about 15,000 times a second. The dot itself is totally weightless, but the components that generate the voltages that move it have to turn on and off at that rate. Sometimes they move fractionally every time they do so, which produces that high pitched sound.
  • actually i have this kind of problem too i don't know what could be the reason but i read an article and it says that it could be a reason of sudden power surge.. its really irritating... to alec, is it advisable that i need for repair or just just leave it for its just normal and will come back soon. if so how much would i spend for repair? what are my other options?
  • This is driving me crazy! Will it eventually go away, or does something need to be done?

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