• I would say contact legal aid or simply contact the Credit Reporting agency...Experian, or Equifax and ask them how you go about submitting the information. To the best of my knowledge, any additional amounts you would want to add to your judgment need to be assigned by the COURT JUDGE! This may or may not happen...hence my suggestion to contact Legal Aid. All costs are supposed to be listed PRIOR TO the judgment being can't just start tacking them on willy-nilly after the fact. Possible exceptions may be if you hire a Marshall, or a "Keeper" to go in to the person's bank and "scoop" their account, or garnish wages for you...BOTH of which you very well may be able to do! If, for example, the person owned their own business, you can hire a Keeper (or Till tapper) to go to the business on a daily basis and they simply TAKE a percentage of the money coming in daily, until your judgment has been satisfied. The last time I was involved in something like this, their costs charged to you...BUT ADDED ONTO THE the defendant is being forced to cover the costs...was about $85.00 PER DAY! Likewise if they visit the bank to turn in paperwork and Scoop any existing accounts with money in them, there is a fee, that is also added to the judgment. Good luck, you can't get blood out of a turnip! A judgment is typically good for 10 years.

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