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  • I guess I would do it again. I had the one experience that I'm not even sure is good or bad but that might not necessarily deter me from trying again.
  • Do you mean only online or eventually meeting in person? I guess I can say great things about finding love online because that's how I met my husband! We've been together 10 and a half years and married for over 9 years. I was lucky though. It's hard to know who to trust and who has your best interests in mind. You have to be careful. I do believe though that this is a better way to meet someone because you can fall in love with what a person is, not just what they look like.
  • Less fulfilling! Poor taste!
  • how did you know thats how i got my husband!?! :O
  • My wife and I use the internet, text messages and the phone to be in touch all the time. So online love works for us...
  • No such thing, unless you have met in person. What you are referring to is called "typing."
  • I think it's a way to meet people and if you get to know them before you exchange pictures, you get to know their heart rather than accepting or dismissing them on looks. However, I don't think you can truly know them until you meet them face to face and spend a lot of time with them. We all like to be on our best behavior with strangers and you're not necessarily going to get an accurate picture if all you're going by is your on-line relationship. It takes some discernment to weed out the liars too.
  • Simply :-)
  • People should be damned careful. It is so easy for a person to pose as someone completely different than they actually are. +5 Reptar
  • I've only ever tried it once, and I met a sh!tload of cool chicks all over the wolrd. Apparently I am a semi celebrity heart throb in the Phillipines. Joking aside, I eventually met the girl I'm dating now online. We had profiles on a site, sent eachother several emails, spoke on the phone a couple times and met in an open place for a simple meet and greet. The chemistry was amazing in the emails, amazing on the phone, and amazing in person. I might have just gotten really lucky, but I found the experience surprisingly cool. Go for it. +5
  • Love is love, whatever that is.
  • +5 i love a man from aus. his name was rob we have been together about 8 years or so. we started as online friends, made it to cyber and phone calls. in the end he could not come to the states and i would not go to aus. we are not great friends that care deeply but cannot be together in the offline world. i treasure what we had and what we have even today. i have entered a new relationship we are both in the states and we are growing closer daily, you know who he is, from ab of course. we are taking things very slow but know there is a chance this could be the real deal. the feelings we share are real and deep. i call myself icy for a reason, he is melting layers of ice i never thought would ever be thawed. i know only time can tell. i have been there done that. i would never ever get involved with someone i could not meet offline to find out for sure. i think in online love you must be so honest. if you could not or would not do what the person is asking, say in fantasy only but no. i wish you and yours the best. you know you are my cyber younger brother and i only hope what you have found can work out if all things seem full steam ahead. smiles, love jen
  • If you mean "love" as in friendship, I think it can be very real for what it is. If you mean "love" as in romantic relationship I don't think it can happen simply because you have to be with someone through all kinds of situations in the real world to see how he/she reacts to things. For example, maybe she is a compulsive shopper and will run up credit cards and destroy your credit, how would you know that? Maybe she is very vain and everything must revolve around her or she gets bored. Maybe she is a constant whiner/complainer or exceedingly jealous and would make your life he**. In cyberspace you can hide a lot of warts. In the real world it is less easy to do so! :)
  • The largest and most organised 'Self Pleasuring' system going on in the!
  • It's very possible!=)
  • depends on the girl and how i felt
  • Online love can be very misleading. One has to be careful. Without real person to person contact, so much a person can be kept in secret. I would say that too much of the other person is hidden for one to know if the love is real. It is too easy to cover up our shortcomings and allows a person to be anybody they want. In person, it is hard to be anybody you want. People can figure out fairly quickly who you are and what you are about. What most people love about an online relationship is the support, friendship, conversation. The other person can tell you exactly what you want to hear without a personal investment in you. An online relationship can bring out out information on common interests, goals, likes, and dislikes as long as both are being totally honest. That can be the foundation of agreeing to meet and the start of a real relationship. So if you think you have found the right person online, it is critical to arrange a meeting before your heart goes to far into that person. If you don't, you could end up loving a lie. My two cents, MLee
  • I think it works, provided both people are honest, they have long, deep and meaningful chats supplemented by webcam and the occasional telehone call. I met my wife on a dating site. We chatted for 3 months solid for 5-6 hours a day, everyday. We both had webcam and we could see each other, eating, changing, etc. After 3 months, I travelled to meet her and everything was as wonderful as we had hoped. So, yes, it does work.
  • It's interesting, not very fulfilling in the physical aspect though. Which doesn't work so well if you are a rather physical person. +5
  • i think it megabites ;-)

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