• I love spicy foods. I can't handle too much hotness though, despite my affinity.
  • I can handle 4-alarm chili, szechuan peppers and pad thai +5
  • I can eat half a habanero, yet it gets pretty heavy and I wouldn't want to go any further (at least not at the moment). I've never given up on food because it was too spicy. I'm addicted to spicy food..
  • I like spicy food. And, have a good to high tolerance for hot peppers, still, too hot can impair the taste buds. And, I like to taste what I eat...
  • Very high. I kind of enjoy the pain though, when things are a little *too* spicy. I'm a masochist like that ^_^
  • I love spicy! I can do rather well asking for 'spicy' or number 5 at most Thai places :-) My husband is working his way up, he's about a 3 1/2
  • Spicy food was okay when I was younger. However, around the time that I turn age 50 or so, my digestive system could no longer tolerate spicy food.
  • Very low, despite loving the taste of it. Buffalo wild wings is enough to make my eyes tear
  • Nothing more spicy than a habenero, I'm ok with my mouth being on fire for 5 minutes and after getting spicier than that I can't taste my food. I can't taste a ghost pepper and I curl up into a ball for 1 hour in pain after having one.
  • none. how can you enjoy a meal when your mouth is on fire!😖
  • Depends on the day of the week and my mood. I've eaten hot sauces that advertised themselves to be over 1.2 million scoville heat units, I've eaten ghost peppers on their own, and I do really sometimes enjoy eating food that's around 100 thousand scoville units for it's piquant flavour. But some days I'd rather just eat a baked potato, you know?
  • Spicy food is good for about a day or 2. Then a day or 2 off, then for me, I like a burn you seat off spicy, but where I am, that is hard to find.
    • Linda Joy
      Most WalMarts carry the xxx hot habanero sauce. And ground red pepper can make any bag of snacks a hot one!
  • I like hot food, but as I've gotten older the reflux has caused me to cut back to see if that's the issue. My 'tolerance' is the habanero. I usually mix it with mayo for my sandwiches because I like the flavor, but even if I could I don't want to eat one by itself. I use a lot of ground red pepper though.
  • It's pretty high. I love hot Mexican foods and hot Asian foods too. I keep 3 or 4 different types of hot sauce in my frige to spice up my food.

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