• Not really because then more people will think they have a better chance to be king because there is less to convince. Where as with 6 billion, you kind of figure the odds are worse than the lottery.
  • I have been saying so for years. Realistically, I can't tell ANY particular couple how many kids to have, but SERIOUSLY folks, it's time that we as a Society consider what we're doing to ourselves and the planet! Most of the worst problems of the world would be greatly improved or even eliminated if we had half the population we do now. (Pollution/the environment, hunger, military competition for lands & resources, urban crime, disease...)
  • Well, the three million who get to stay would be happy but I don't know about the rest of the people.
  • I personally can't say how many people would be best; however, it should definitely be less. NEWSWEEK magazine published information two weeks ago that showed the U.S. had the highest fertility rate of any of the industrialized nations.
  • Maybe. So who among is going to put their hand up to be one of the 3 million to sacrifice themselves for the greater good??!
  • Wonder what would the world be like if someone had told your parents that the world would be better with less people and so they decided not to have you? Then we would not have someone like you to pose a good question.
  • Only if I got to choose the 3 million. :)
  • Hitler had a similar idea, look how that turned out? What group of people do you want to start eliminating first?
  • Step up my friend and do the "Right" thing.
  • 50 years back the world population must have been 3 million or less. Was the world a better place to live in then? . Again all that could be done now is to maintain the birth and death rates constant so that the population does not increase further. Even slight reductions might be possible by lowering the birth rates. . But eco-friendly technology must be found to make the current population live in dignity with all poverty eliminated. . Reduction of population by unnatuaral means would create questions that have no answer because every human life and all life forms are valuable.
  • That's just about the number approved by the Club of Rome. Of course, they assume THEY will be the ones in charge of that 3 million...
  • Even better at about 1 billion. +5
  • No. The more people the more quickly things can advance. The more people to invent things, the more people to create things, more people to test things. More ideas, more experience, more work force. . Thanks to this there are a lot of people who are doing things You don't have to and who will take care of things You won't have to. The brutal truth is that there's also a lot of people who will make mistakes that You don't have to. And some of Them will suffer or die instead of You, for other people to learn from their mistakes. (at least some of them) Another brutal truth is that the more people there are the better it is for medical science, because more people means more data for developing diagnosis and medical treatments from which YOU (and Your family) can benefit. And so on. . There's no REAL reason why there should be less people. I'd vote to have as many people as possible that the current technology, politics and economy are capable of keeping alive. . P.S. Right now it's nearing 6,8 billion. So it's more like 7 billion.
  • No cause then I might have to do the sh@t jobs.
  • depends, can we kill off all the jackasses, douche bags, psychos, show offs, nuisances, ignorants, idiots, and jerks?
  • Yes, absolutely. I've thought this my entire life. Hehheh, lemme pick which ones to get rid of!
  • In theory yes. But our lifestyles would have to take a dramatic hit. Of those who remain, that is. My goodness, a lot of folks would be required to clean out their own toilets.
  • Are you going to volunteer to get off?
  • Of course it would. Over-population, strain on resources, etc, cause conflict. Yes, less people wouldn't eliminate conflict, there has always been conflict, but it would minimize it. Plus it would be a lot better for every other species on the planet.

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