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  • Take your clothes off and lie down on your back. But I guess that's not the answer you're looking for. If the guy likes you, and you'll know cause he'll be looking at you and when you look back he'll turn away shyly. Ask him to hang out with you and if you two hit it off then you're in. You need not let a possible relation pass by just because he may be too shy to make the first move. Some guys just can't get beyond Hi, how are you doing?.
  • Just invite me over.
  • I believe that if you seriously want a boyfriend who will be around for a while rather than for just a short time, you may not be able to impose a time limit. Afterall the guy will also need to be ok with you. If you want somebody to accompany you somewhere or keep an ex jealous, maybe you can get 1 within 1 month. But for a serious relationship, it may take longer and you even need to identify a guy that appeals to you first. After that, bring yourself to his attention. You may find out his hobbies if you are able to. Otherwise, you may just ask him some apparently harmless questions - can you recommend a novel? Can you tell me what that your video is about - I don't just want to just rush and buy it and discover I don't like it. Any question would do - just let him know that you may have something in common or at least you picked him out for his opinion even by asking how to get somewhere. You can even do that in a library. By the time you borrow a book from him and return it and offer to lend him one of yours, he should start thinking of you as a possible friend and from there who knows. Giving yourself a time frame for a serious relatiohsip puts you a at a disadvantage and you may then make some errors. Best of luck

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