• Yes I did know that. And I think they're just a little bit too addicted with fictional characters for their own good. +5
  • They all need to be shown what good literature is, and possibly slapped across the face with a wet fish. Either that or we forcibly sterilize them, to prevent them passing on the twihard gene.
  • Shamefully, yes, I was aware of that. I spend way too much time online. However, Twitards are not the most ridiculous fans I know when it comes to nerd levels. For that award, I'm not sure if I would give it to Star Wars/Trek fans, or Nintendo fans. But really, the main problem with Twitards isn't that they're nerds, it's that something as crappy as the Twilight series is at the center of their fandom.
  • Silly twerds.
  • Team Jacob (that's me lol) is for the character Jacob Black and Team Edward is for the character Edward Cullen

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