• I like art that conforms. weird squiggly lines and paint blotches just dont do it for me:)
  • I like my expectations defied!
  • I have no expectations when it comes to art, as long as it evokes emotion or inspiration. What I feel personally doesn't matter much.
  • I just like something that speaks to me. Whether it be sculpture or a painting. I dont have expectations of it. This one in Berlin blew my mind.
  • Defies.
  • Hi Zack! One of the definitions of the word "art" is a high degree of skill. I would say that for me, any work of art should show a high degree of skill to be considered art. I know those definitions have come to be separated, but I don't believe they were originally intended to be, nor should they be. I think there is a lot of "art" these days that is an insult to artists because there is a lot of shock value to them, but not much skill. Anyone can slap junk on a mannequin, the true art probably lies in creating the mannequin in the first place, and that artist got sampled and disrespected instead of getting credit. After all, their "art" was only "commercial art" (said with a sneer) and it took a "true artist" with vision to create something of it. I like art that shows that high degree of skill. I may not be particularly attracted to a particular piece, but I can still appreciate the skill that went into it. The piece that someone else linked here may not stir me, but I can appreciate the skill that went into making something freeform out of something as rigid and difficult to work with as steel. I love this guy's photography I don't mind things that stretch me to see beauty in something not conventionally beautiful. There is beauty in well worn things, in decay, in elderly faces... Those don't conform to my expectations, but they are artful. I don't like the sort of artist who slaps something together in a drug induced fog that is designed to shock and takes credit for someone else's creativity, whether if conforms to my expectations or not, and calls it art. I'm not big on this stuff.

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