• It's only strange until you fully understand the Rule of Law: "The Lawyers Always Get Paid"
  • i've heard fees and filing charges range between $1,000 and $3,000. of course, the more that you can do yourself, you will think that you're reducing your ultimate legal bill. you won't. lawyers will bill you for the maximum they smell.
  • in Australia it costs nothing to file for bankruptcy, you go on line and request the papers be sent to you and you fill them out and send them back ... a week or so later they contact you and either say yes or no
  • I think the fees are between $1500 and $3000. Yes, this does seem strange, but the layers need to be paid. This should be something that could be filed by a clerk for a minimum filing fee.
  • Not as strange as expecting someone to work for you for free.
  • Bankruptcy can just be a fancy name for a monied or formerly monied person to cry uncle. Really poor people seldom file anything.
  • I am sorry I can't specifically tell you the detailed costs of filing for bankruptcy. . However, considering the entire capitalism system is designed to exploit the poor, it does not seem strange to me one bit. It is really any surprise that the least educated are almost always poor? Does it seem strange that almost no lawyers are broke or that politicians are all more rich than the average citizen? The system is corrupt, so no it does not surprise me in the least bit, in fact, it's expected. Sorry. +3

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