• What is the Vatican's offer?
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      A free set of steak knives. Just pay a small shipping and handling charge.
  • Thanks for bringing that to my attention, that's a pretty amazing piece of news! To me, that just makes the Vatican look bad. I'm not in the best of places to speculate, but as someone who used to be in the Church of England, I would say it is pretty rediculous. Anglicans aren't Anglican over Catholic because the vicars want to be married, and they want to sing hymns. There are other differences between the two faiths and I think any Anglican who has a real belief in his faith and religious culture would never switch for such small offerings. There are some certain core components of Catholicism in which most Anglicans don't believe. In a way, isn't it even a little offensive? To assume that Anglicans would be more likely to covert to Christianity if they were allowed to keep small elements of Anglicanism? Perhaps an Anglican can answer that. The impact will be minimal.
  • Maybe it will make a certain amount of difference because since the Catholic Church is finding it harder to find young men that wish to become Priests eventually they are going to have to allow married Catholic Priests. This has been coming for a long time. If there will be a flood of new people convert I cannot say for sure . It really has very little to do with the actual liturgy or hymn singing we still have those in the Catholic Church. The problem for Anglicans has always been women Priests and now Bishops. I feel that most of the people that were strongly opposed to that rule changing in the Anglican Church made the change years ago when the women priests first appeared.. It is silly really because the difference between the Catholic and Anglican church is really just who is the Head of the Church. if you went to a service even as a committed Christian most people would not know the difference.
  • I suspect in western countries it'll have little to no effect. However, once you take Africa etc into account, where the views tend to be more conservative it could well have some success.
  • I dought it, but I'm not Anglican
  • How nice of him. He's offering to help the Anglicans get rid of undesirables.
  • Most Protestants don't recognize the Pope as being any more blessed than any other devout Christian. Blessings are a gift of God, not due to any actions, however righteous, taken by any human.

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