• I work with men and very manly women. I could care less if they smell me, hear me, or even watched me for that matter.
  • Thankfully our bathroom is far enough away from the work area or everyone would have to wear gas masks.
  • I have to tell about this event that happened in Alabama. We were on vacation and touring the southern part of the United States. my wife had secretly given me two laxative pills, the night before, in a bowl of butter pecan ice cream. It hit me as we arrived in a town in Alabama. closest bathroom was in the next block at McDonalds. i was at the point of desperation, so into McDonalds i go. If you know the inside of McDonalds, the rest rooms are right next to the booths and tables, next to the bathroom doors. i rushed in and did my business. it was really bad. after 15 minutes on the jon, i washed my hands and prepared to leave the restroom. i did not notice that a birthday party had just started outside the bathroom door. an 8 year old boy was having a birthday. i quickly ran out of the bathroom, started my car and departed. I pity those poor kids having a birthday party. It was so bad, i had to hold my nose to keep from heaving. It was my wifes fault. I only hope i did not melt the candles on his birthday cake. we left town.
  • Our office is small... think a square shape, with 4 private offices along 2 sides, and the rest of the office is open for other people - except for the bathroom which was built RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of that open area (Yes, there are walls... but each wall has someone sitting on the other side of it!). And, the door practically faces 2 of the private offices (mine and another lady's). I see people going in and out of there all day long. ANYTHING that happens in the bathroom can be heard throughout the entire office. Anything. So yes - I've had this issue. Whoever designs offices in this manner should be shot.
  • Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • that dont bother me, i just feel like i gotta do what i gotta do

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